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The art of eating well

The Hotel La Conchiglia, you can discover the flavors and typical dishes of Italian and romagna cuisine. The traditional cuisine the local is characterized by a simple cuisine, made with genuine products grown directly in our land, but above all enriched by the fresh pasta made by hand, machined directly on the cutting board with the rolling pin.

Lasagne verdi al forno, swallow nests, sausages, passatelli, chops: there are so many dishes that Romagna has made it famous well beyond regional borders. Last but not least, the famous piadina.

One of the characteristics most appreciated in our kitchen is definitely the craftsmanship in preparing the fish of the sea: during the week you can enjoy delicious grilled and fish skewers accompanied by a delicious buffet of seafood appetizers, always very appreciated by our guests!

Put yourself to the test with one of our delicious recipes!

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