Holidays in safety

Adjustment Covid-19

At Hotel La Conchiglia we have implemented substantial changes to preserve the safety of all our guests. We want to guarantee pleasant and safe holidaysin accordance with current regulations.

Here are all the new things you'll find to welcome you to the hotel, the changes we've made and the little touches we ask you to observe during your stay.


During your stay at the hotel, to protect the safety of everyone, we ask you to take care to maintain interpersonal distance requested, both by other guests and by our staff.

Check-in will be done as usual. To speed up the registration process you can leave your documents on arrival, which will be returned to you on the day, and access your room directly.

All our staff will wear personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, ear muffs, etc...) according to the task at hand and will frequently sanitize your hands with a suitable alcohol-based solution. In addition, he is prepared and ready to answer any of your questions or doubts, but don't worry: everything will be explained to you in detail once you arrive at the hotel.

Common spaces

We have prepared comfortable turrets complete with alcohol-based sanitizer e protective glovesUse it freely as often as you like.

We've also put up special posters with behaviours to be respected and adequate signage to manage the flow of guests in and out.

Remember to wear your mask when you circulate in the common areas of our hotel. If you don't have one with you, you can ask for one at reception for a small fee.

In the elevator, we ask that you keep a safe distance from other guests, unless they are part of your family or sharing a room with you.

In addition, we will strive daily to clean and sanitize with appropriate detergents, more frequently and more carefully than usual, the common areas, furnishings and objects contained.


Sleep safely: every day and especially after each guest change the rooms will be cleaned and disinfected with even more care than usual, as well as the bedding and towels.

If you do not want the cleaning staff to enter your room during your stay, please let us know before you arrive.


Both in our private beach and in the conventioned one, you will certainly not lack of space: each umbrella will be properly spaced each other and sanitized, as well as sunbeds and deckchairs, after each guest change.

Just remember social distancing must be maintained to your seat or, if this is not possible, use the mask.

In addition, you can consume take away or delivery meals sitting comfortably under the umbrella.

Swimming pool

Since it has been scientifically proven chlorine to prevent the spread of the virus, we have decided not to deprive you of the use of our pool.

However, we would like safety distances We will therefore quota the entrances, indicating the maximum number of people allowed both by means of the appropriate signs and through the cooperation and control of the rescue service.

All pool surfaces, such as umbrellas, deckchairs or sunbeds, will be provided by the hotel. disinfect frequently.


At the table we have spaced the tables and chairs so you can enjoy your meals in safety and peace of mind.

Access to the room will be regulated by means of informative signs with the following information sanitizer and gloveswhile on the ground there will be the appropriate signs to help you maintain the correct distance between people. In addition, a member of our staff will always be present to help you comply with all the required precautions.

All the meals will come to you served comfortably at the tableand properly cleaned and sanitized after each guest change.

La breakfast The buffet will be composed of products protected by plexiglass barriers and our staff will prepare and serve you at the table a tasty dish, filled according to your requests.

A lunch and dinner you can choose from a variety of meat and fish menus, and as a side dish you can ask a waiter to fill your plate with whatever you prefer, from our rich vegetable buffets and various delicacies. As every year, we also offer fresh fruit and desserts to round off a great meal.

You can also ask for an a la carte menu with a double choice for the next day, so that you can arrive at the restaurant with a clear idea of what you want to eat.

At lunchtime, on request, you can have tray with the present dishes you prefer, from dine on the beachunder the sun umbrella, or in our comfortable veranda.

Cancellation policies

At the time of booking you will be asked for a deposit of 150 euros to confirm the reservation but if you are unable to come, we will create a voucher to spend on your next holiday

Where we are Hotel La Conchiglia Rimini

Where we are

Via San Salvador, 45
47812 Rimini RN

New Pedestrian Promenade

A new way of experiencing your holiday, with a pleasant pedestrian zone with limited traffic. Download here the form for access to the ZTL zone, fill it in with all the data and deliver it to the hotel upon arrivalwe will take care of everything! Please note that access is permitted to reach the hotel and stay for the time of luggage loading/unloadingas well as for entering and exiting the hotel car park.

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